Kaledo is an Indonesian Cuisine. Indonesia has a variety of special culinary. All regions have special dishes. Starting from processed vegetables, chicken, goat to beef like rendang. One of them that is very well known is kaledo, a beef leg bone sour soup with marrow. That is really appetizing. This is a typical culinary from Central Sulawesi.

In Palu, Central Sulawesi, not many places provide this special culinary, there are only one or two that sell it. Reportedly the marrow in the leg bones of the cow has many benefits. Including minerals that are soluble in the soup.

Cleaning Beef

Meat processing and kaledo-making processes must be considered from the start. If you want the fishy smell of beef not to be carried into the stew, the meat is washed with clean running water. The fat that sticks to the meat is also cleaned. After it is completely clean, then the meat is put in a preheated water stew. It has no seasoning at all.

While waiting for the beef stew to boil, the spices have been prepared. There is cayenne pepper, and raw tamarind that has been boiled. The flavor is block natural salt.

When it boils, add the spices. Previously, the raw tamarind that had been boiled was kneaded to get the juice out. That’s what is mixed with the beef stew. After that, add finely ground cayenne pepper and add block natural salt to taste.

How the meat is processed and how long it takes to boil will determine the softness or hardness of the meat attached to the bones of the beef leg. After the meat is cooked, it is served to those who are really hunting for the bone marrow of this beef leg.

Kaledo Indonesian Cuisine

Favorite Culinary

“What I know is that this is a typical Palu food. Elsewhere there is none. I’m from South Sulawesi here just looking for kaledo. I’m looking for the one with the marrow. It’s similar to kikil in Makassar, but here is the marrow,” said Mohammad Asri when I met him at Kaledo Stereo Stalls, Jalan Yos Sudarso, Palu.

He’s not the only one who likes to hunt the bone marrow of this cow’s leg. There is also Andi Tendri from Sidrap, South Sulawesi who claims to be. She really liked it.

“I am from Sidrap, South Sulawesi. Ate kaledo first time here. There I eat elsewhere, but not the same as here. I also used to eat marrow,” She said.

Meanwhile, Arlin Ntowana, owner of the Kaledo Stereo stalls, admits that many are hunting for Kaledo marrow.

“Many choose marrow. Many consumers are looking for marrow from his leg bones. If it’s in ordinary stalls, it’s rare. It’s a really hard material to find. One cow, it only has four legs. Meanwhile, consumer consumption is more than the supply of cows,” explained Arlin.

It seems, kaledo connoisseurs as well as beef leg bone marrow connoisseurs are not wrong when choosing this special culinary. It turns out that there are benefits it contains.

Nutritional Food

A nutritionist at the Palu Health Polytechnic, Putu Candriasih, said that marrow contains fat and many minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Marrow can also be a source of special hormones. Collagen and glucosamine, a natural chemical found in bone marrow, are also good for joints. However, he reminded the consumption of kaledo not excessive. It should match the nutritional needs based on the age group.

Even in a number of references mentioned that the marrow can inhibit the aging process. Its gelatin content triggers the formation of collagen in the body. Collagen that has been formed can keep the skin soft, bright, and firm.

Well, you already know the benefits. Come on, then, let’s eat kaledo and beef bone marrow.

Remember, not just rendang, this is a super delish Indonesia cuisine: Kaledo. ***