A rather shady Friday. Calendar pointed to August 30, 2019. After Aljuneid MRT Station, I walked to look for the Khadijah Mosque. This old mosque is located on Geylang Road, in the central part of Singapore.

The time has shown at 13:15 Singapore Time. Soon the preacher will go up to the pulpit to preach.

I rushed to catch time. Relying on my Google Maps application to this mosque. There could be a shortcut, but Google Maps shows the main road. I just follow. Because this is the first time I’m here.

Finally, I arrived on time. After performing ablution, I took a plastic cup and took the syrup from the dispenser. This drink is provided free by the mosque management.

And Friday prayer was over. This is the moment which the pilgrims of the Khadijah Mosque have been waiting for. Tasty food and sweet syrup is waiting. Food and drinks are free. These are self-cooked and provided by the mosque’s management. There Kebuli with chicken and beef. There is porridge also provided.

In Singapore, kebuli looks more like Briyani. It’s a typical Indian processed rice. The contents can be chicken, beef or goat with a mixture of herbs and vegetables. Really appetizing.

I was lucky, because I was able to eat together in one tray with the elders who were also administrators of this mosque. The food cooked by Abdul Wahab (67) has become even more delicious. This is tradition as Sunnah  Prophet Mohamed SAW. 

I ate with Ustadz Haji Yusuf Ben Alin, Ustadz Abdul Manan and Ustadz Haji Mohamed Nuh. Previously, I introduce my self; “I’m Mohammad Jafar Bua from Indonesia.” 

It really feels delicious. Especially then the Chef, Abdul Wahab, joined us. He said; “This food is prepared in the morning. The porridge has also been cooked since 8:00. “

According to Wahab, he spent approximately S $ 250 on food. That’s enough to feed 300 people. Every Friday he cooks and provides food assisted by several man. There is a big tent with two long tables provided to the right of the mosque where people can eat.

Really, I felt a special experience. Eating in a tray after the prayer like at the Tabliq Mosque on Jalan Mangga, West Palu, Central Sulawesi. I have also eaten in a tray with the Jamaahs at Mushalah SPBU Bunde, Sampaga, Mamuju, West Sulawesi on my way from Makassar to Palu.

This time I ate in the side yard of the Khadijah Mosque, which was full of the generosity of an Indian woman trader. His name is Khadijah Binte Mohammed. In 1915 she made a will to build the mosque.

Unfortunately, before she could see it, he died. Her relatives continued her intention. Starting with a donation of S $ 54,521, the construction of the mosque began in 1920.

Written on the roots.sg, website under the National Heritage Board, Singapore, architectural elements are influenced by Nagore Temple in Ajmeere India. Inside the mosque a number of hanging crystal lamps adorn the ceiling. Half the walls are ornamented like a temple. The side windows are colorful wrought glass. This mosque can accommodate 500 worshipers.

The mosque is now designated as a conservation reserve by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). The second floor of the Auditorium Building is home to the Religious Rehabilitation Group (RRG).
Natasha Ann Zachariah, a female journalist at The Straits Times, an English-language daily newspaper in Singapore called this mosque as; “An Unusual Gift.”

Yes, Khadijah Binte Mohamed indeed “gave away” her money for the construction of this mosque. Thats an unusual gift for the Muslim community in Geylang. ***