The Internal Security Department () is a vital body that upholds a safe and secure environment in Brunei. Its primary objective is to maintain public order and protect the country's sovereignty by detecting, preventing, and countering threats to national security.

One of the fundamental responsibilities of the Internal Security Department is to track, monitor, and investigate activities that pose a potential security threat to Brunei. The department employs various security measures and intelligence gathering techniques to identify terrorism, espionage, money laundering, and other illegal activities. The department also works in close collaboration with other law enforcement agencies in Brunei and international agencies to address cross-border security concerns.

In addition to its primary objective, the Internal Security Department also works towards ensuring that the country's critical infrastructure systems and technology are adequately safeguarded. With the rise of cybercrime and cyber warfare, the department has established an effective cybersecurity strategy that comprises of sophisticated technological tools and highly skilled personnel.

Another significant role of the Internal Security Department is to maintain a robust border control system. Brunei has a vast coastline that needs constant monitoring to prevent unwanted entry of people, goods, or weapons. The department uses advanced surveillance technologies and highly skilled personnel to detect, intercept, and apprehend illegal activities in Brunei's territorial waters.

The department also collaborates with various government agencies to ensure the safety of the Brunei Royal Family and other VIPs. This initiative involves risk assessment and implementation of security protocols, personnel protection, and secure transport services.

The Internal Security Department has a crucial role in enhancing public awareness of security and safety issues. The department regularly conducts public education campaigns and seminars to inform the public about potential security threats and how to report them. The department also encourages community involvement in security measures, such as neighborhood watch groups.

In conclusion, the Internal Security Department (Brunei) is a vital government body that upholds a safe and secure environment in Brunei. Its mandate covers various aspects, including counter-terrorism, cybersecurity, border security, securing the Brunei royal family and VIPs, and enhancing public awareness on security issues. The department continues to evolve and adapt to the changes in global security threats and challenges to safeguard Brunei's national security and its people. ***

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