Two Brimob platoons have been sent to Dogiyai, Central Papua from Nabire to support strengthen security after the riots.

“The two Brimob platoons sent from Nabire to strengthen the security forces in Dogiyai,” said Dogiyai Police Chief Commissioner Samuel Tatiratu on Sunday (11/13/2022).

Tatiratu said that the riots occurred shortly after a traffic accident that claimed the life of a five-year-old boy. Two trucks, including the one that hit the victim, were set on fire.

Around 82 tenement houses and six offices were burned, namely the Regional Civil Service Agency, Regional Inspectorate, Department of Population and Civil Registration, Environmental Service, Community and Family Empowerment Agency, and Finance Office.

As a result of the riots, residents fled to the Dogiyai Police Office and Local Military District Command.

When asked about the death toll in the riots, the Dogiyai Police Chief stated that there were reports of the loss of family members.

Currently, the security forces are also looking for the whereabouts of residents who are reported to have not returned to their families.

“Security officers are currently still looking for the whereabouts of residents who have not been reported to have returned to their families,” said Police Commissioner Tatiratu.

A group of mobs on Saturday (12/11/2022) set fire to a truck that allegedly hit Noldi Goo, a five-year-old toddler and died.

The accident occurred at around 14.30 WIT in Ikebo Village, Kamu District, Dogiyai Regency, Central Papua. ***

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